Introduction to Server Side Swift Using Vapor

March 23, 2024 at 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM CST

Min enrollments required for live workshop: 4

Welcome to the Introduction to Server Side Swift Workshop!

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of backend development using the Vapor framework. From setting up Vapor on your machine to integrating it with databases, we'll guide you through each step with practical, hands-on projects.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have gained the essential skills to set up your own server and seamlessly integrate it into your iOS applications.

  • Routing

    Explore the foundational concepts of routing and endpoint organization. This includes understanding how to extract parameters from URLs and query strings, as well as grouping routes for improved management and clarity.

  • MVC Pattern

    Explore the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern to elevate the quality of your backend Vapor code. Discover how to systematically segregate your data logic (Model), presentation layer (View), and application logic (Controller) to enhance maintainability and scalability. Embrace MVC principles to streamline your codebase and foster cleaner, more efficient development practices.

  • Database Integration

    Discover the intricacies of integrating your server with a database, enabling efficient data management and retrieval for your applications. Gain proficiency in connecting your server to various database systems and implementing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations to effectively interact with your data.

  • Consuming API

    Learn how to seamlessly integrate your SwiftUI application with your custom Vapor server. Explore the implementation of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations utilizing a generic HTTP client layer. Through this process, you'll gain practical experience in establishing communication between your front-end SwiftUI app and the back-end server, enabling efficient data manipulation and management.

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SwiftData Fundamentals

April 6, 2024 at 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM CST

Min enrollments required for live workshop: 4

Welcome to the SwiftData Workshop! Are you ready to take your Swift programming skills to the next level? Join us for an immersive SwiftData Workshop where we dive deep into the core concepts, advanced techniques, and practical applications of data management in Swift. Whether you're a beginner looking to solidify your understanding or an experienced developer aiming to enhance your proficiency, this workshop is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in data handling with Swift.

  • SwiftData Fundamentals

    Gain a solid foundation in SwiftData's core concepts, including defining data models, performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, and querying using declarative code.

  • Relationships

    Master the art of establishing and managing relationships between different data entities in your app. Learn how to model one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships effectively.

  • Testing

    Discover best practices for writing unit tests for your SwiftData code. Ensure your data handling remains reliable and consistent with changes to your app.

  • CloudKit Integration

    Seamlessly integrate SwiftData with iCloud to enable real-time data synchronization across devices. Learn how to leverage CloudKit for secure and efficient data storage in the cloud.

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Introduction to Testing in iOS Using Swift

April 27, 2024 at 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM CST

Min enrollments required for live workshop: 4

Welcome to our iOS Testing Workshop! This workshop is designed to equip attendees with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to excel in testing iOS applications. Throughout the session, participants will delve into various types of tests, including unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their purposes and implementation.

In addition to exploring different testing methodologies, attendees will also learn essential techniques such as mocking and dependency injection, crucial for isolating components and ensuring reliable and efficient testing practices.

Whether you're a seasoned iOS developer looking to enhance your testing capabilities or a newcomer eager to grasp the fundamentals, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical exercises to elevate your proficiency in iOS app testing. Enroll now!

  • Unit Testing

    Grasp the fundamentals and significance of isolating components for testing. You will learn how to set up the XCTest framework in Xcode and write and execute unit tests for individual components, empowering you to validate code behavior effectively.

  • Mocking

    You will learn about the concept and importance of mocking in testing. You'll understand how to create mock objects using various frameworks, such as XCTest mocks. Additionally, you'll discover how to utilize mock objects to simulate behavior, isolate dependencies, and improve test reliability and efficiency.

  • Integration Testing

    You'll learn about integration testing, ensuring different app components work seamlessly. We'll cover setup and execution using XCTest or other frameworks. Through hands-on exercises, you'll verify component integration, boosting app reliability.

  • End-to-End Testing

    You'll learn about End-to-End (E2E) Testing for iOS apps, ensuring overall functionality and user experience. We'll cover setup, execution using XCTest or similar frameworks, and simulating user interactions. Gain insights to enhance app reliability and quality through comprehensive E2E testing practices.

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Introduction to RealityKit

This event has ended.

Welcome to the RealityKit Applications Workshop!

Embark on a journey into the fundamentals of RealityKit applications, where we unravel the essential elements of entities, components, and anchors. This workshop is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these foundational building blocks, empowering you to craft dynamic and engaging augmented reality environments.

This workshop not only enhances your RealityKit skills but also lays the foundation for Vision Pro development. Join us in bringing your virtual creations to life in the exciting world of augmented reality!

  • Fundamentals

    Delve into the foundations of RealityKit applications, unraveling the core elements such as entities, components, and anchors. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how these building blocks form the backbone of immersive experiences, empowering you to craft dynamic and engaging augmented reality environments.

  • Gestures

    Learn how to seamlessly interact with virtual objects in augmented reality (AR) using RealityKit. One key aspect of this interaction is understanding the concept of ray-casting and its pivotal role in enabling intuitive and responsive user experiences.

  • Models

    Learn the art of seamlessly integrating virtual models into your augmented reality experiences, and unlock the full potential of your immersive creations.

  • Physics

    Infuse realism into your virtual creations with physics. Learn realistic movement, interactions, and behaviors for virtual objects. From simulating gravity to controlling collisions, unlock the power of physics for dynamic and lifelike augmented reality experiences.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our workshops cater to individuals with basic programming knowledge. Familiarity with programming concepts and Swift language basics would be beneficial, but we offer resources to help beginners catch up.

Every workshop is meticulously organized, featuring a concise lecture infused with live coding and complemented by engaging activities. While students are encouraged to actively participate and code along during the lecture, they will also have additional opportunities to reinforce their understanding through hands-on activities.

Absolutely! Depending on the workshop, you'll either start with engaging projects to build foundational skills or conclude with final projects to showcase your newfound expertise. It's a hands-on journey from start to finish!

Workshops will be hosted on Zoom.